24 Facts to Know about Carol Porter Gabbard, Tulsi Gabbard’s Mother!

Mike and Carol Porter Gabbard posing after a game of tennis. Source: Facebook

Carol Porter Gabbard is known for being the mother of the 2020 Presidential Candidate, Tulsi Gabbard.

Carol is also famous for being the wife of Mike Gabbard. The two have been married for over five decades.


Let’s get to know more about her.

Top 24 Facts of Carol Porter Gabbard

  1. Carol Porter Gabbard was born in December 1946 in Decatur, Indiana.
  2. She was born to parents, William Irwin Porter and Elsie Louise Keimig.
  3. Gabbard graduated from East Grand Rapids High School.
  4. She then attended the University of Michigan from where she graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in Speech Pathology in 1969.

Married Life with Mike Gabbard

  1. Carol Porter Gabbard has been married to her husband, Gerald Michael ‘Mike’ Gabbard for over 50 years now.
  2. The couple walked down the aisle on December 27, 1968, in East Grand Rapids, Michigan.
  3. Carol and Mike first met in Yosemite National Park, California in 1967
  4. Both of them were working at the Camp Curry Cafeteria at the time. While Mike was a cashier, Carol served as a waitress.  
  5. Her husband was the one to ask her out on a date first. 
  6. On their first date, they went to play tennis at the Ahwahnee Hotel Courts where she beat him 6-0, 6-0. (Later, Mike went on to become a Tennis Pro at Kuilima Hyatt Resort (now Turtle Bay Resort) in 1977.)
  7. The pair currently lives in Kalaeloa, O’ahu. 

Mother to Five

  1. Carol Porter Gabbard has five children with her husband Mike Gabbard.
  2. She welcomed three boys, Bhakti, Jai, and Narayan, and two girls, Tulsi, and Vrindavan.
  1. Their fourth child, Tulsi Gabbard, stands out among their five children.
  2. She became the youngest legislator in Hawaii and also the youngest woman to be elected as a US Senate Legislature at 21
  3. She also became one of the candidates for the 2020 Presidential Elections

What is Her Net Worth?

  1. Carol Porter Gabbard worked at the Hawaii State Board of Education for four years till 2004.
  2. She also had her own toffee business named Hawaiian Toffee Treasures. She ran the business from 1998 to 2017
  3. Her toffee was famous as the best Macadamia nut English toffee in the world. Mike claims it was his extraordinary talent as the official taster that made their toffee business successful. 
  1. In 2007, Carol co-founded a nonprofit organization called, Aloha Parenting Project to educate and support parents to raise responsible and productive children.
  2. In addition to these, she has also worked as the Secretary/Treasurer of the Science of Identity Foundation until 2000.
  1. Besides, she has also helped her husband run his businesses such as Mike’s Sport Shot (19741978), Natural Deli (19881992), Talofa Services LLC (2013 – Present), and Infotech Communications LLC (June 2002April 2004). 
  2. Although we know about her work experiences, we are unsure about her financials. 
  3. Meanwhile, her fourth daughter, Tulsi Gabbard boasts an estimated $500,000  as her net worth.


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