12 Facts to Know about Naomi Kay Fleming King, Mother of Shaun King!

Old photo of Naomi Kay Fleming King with son Shaun King.

Naomi Kay Fleming King rose to media prominence thanks to her civil rights activist son, Shaun King.

Fleming, who is thought to be 62 years old (born in 1958), raised her three sons including Shaun King as a single mother. Though Shaun’s birth certificate says he’s born to Jefferey Wayne King, his biological father is someone he’s never seen.


Without further ado, let’s get to know some facts about Naomi Kay Fleming.

Top 12 Facts of Naomi Kay Fleming King

  1. Naomi was born in 1958 in Kentucky, the USA.
  2. Kay Fleming is of a white ethnic background, though one of her sons, Shaun King is said to be of a mixed-race.

Naomi Has Three Kids

  1. Fleming has three kids, all sons, William Jason (February 25, 1974), Shaun (September 17, 1979), and Russ King. All of her children were born from different partners.

All of my siblings and I have different parents. I’m actually not even sure how many siblings I have. It is horrifying to me that my most personal information, for the most nefarious reasons, has been forced out into the open and that my private past and pain have been used as joked and fodder to discredit me and the greater movement for justice in America. I resent that lies have been reported as truth and that the obviously racist intentions of these attacks have been consistently downplayed at my expense and that of my family.

Shaun King on the media using his personal information for the wrong reasons.
  1. One of her three sons, William Jason King died at the age of 44 years old.
  2. Naomi is thought to have always taught her kids two things, the value of hard work and the importance of treating people fairly.
  3. All of her kids studied high school at Woodford County High School.

Her Son, Shaun King’s Controversy

  1. Her son, Shaun King, who is the co-founder of Real Justice PAC, was able to receive the Oprah Winfrey Scholarship from Morehouse College.
  2. A light-skinned black man is thought to be the biological father of Shaun.

My mother and I have discussed her affair. She was a young woman in a bad relationship and I have no judgment. This has been my lived reality for nearly 30 of my 35 years on Earth. I am not ashamed of it, of who I am – never that – but I was advised by my pastor nearly 20 years ago that this was not a mess of my doing and it was not my responsibility to fix it.

Shaun King on discussing her affair with mother, Naomi Kay Fleming King.
  1. Her second son, Shaun walked down the aisle with his partner, Rai King. They are together since 1996.
  2. Shaun is the father to four of his kids, Taeyonna, Kendi, Savannah, and Ezekiel King.

Her Eldest Son, Late William Jason King

  1. King’s elder son, William was a pastor who graduated from Asbury Theological Seminary in Christian Education and Youth Ministry.
  2. Her son, William was married to his wife, Kari (Sophie) Anderson, and had two kids, Elana and Josiah King.


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