26 Facts to Know about Melanie Olmstead!

Melanie Olmstead smiling photo shared by her partner, Annalise Ford.

Melanie Olmstead‘s name was heard throughout the world after the final episode, Sins of the Father, of the 2nd Season of Yellowstone, paid tribute to her in the closing credits writing, “In Memory of MELANIE OLMSTEAD 1968-2019“.

Let’s get to know more about her!


Top 26 Facts of Melanie Olmstead

  1. Melanie Olmstead was born on November 15, 1968, in Salt Lake City, Utah.
  2. She was adopted by Reid Howard, a former military veteran and Janet Corbridge.
  3. Sadly, her mother died in 1979.
  4. After her mother’s demise, her dad walked down the aisle with Loa Rose Olmstead.
  5. Her father passed away in 2016.
  6. Mel was a driver and location assistant in a few movies and TV series.
  7. Her first gig as a location assitant was for Primary Suspect in 2000.
  8. She went on to work for the transportation department for over 13 movies and TV series until her demise in 2019.

Married to Annalise Ford

  1. Melanie Olmstead was married to her partner, Annalise Ford.
  2. The duo tied the knot on December 31, 2015, at Tracy Aviary.
  3. Her partner shared their wedding photo in June 2016 to celebrate the six months of their marriage.
  4. Three years later in June 2019, she shared another photo of Melanie with the caption, “Today is for Mel.” By this time, Mel had already passed away.

Do We Know Melanie’s Cause of Death?

  1. We don’t. Her family has kept the details of her demise a secret.
  2. Melanie Olmstead died on May 25, 2019, in Salt Lake City, Utah.
  3. After her demise, her family and friends hosted a ‘Celebration of Life for Melanie Olmstead‘ on Sunday, June 30, 2019, from 4 PM to 8 PM MDT.
  4. The event was hoted at 1575 E Vine Street, Salt LAke City, Utah.

Celebration of life for Melanie Olmstead was amazing! Horsewomen, Writers, Artists, Theater, Film, cast, and crew peeps! Some I have known for 30 years! What beautiful souls! My Salt Lake family! Ride on, our beautiful Melanie Olmstead!

One of her friends’ comment during the event.

Did Melanie have a Character in Yellowstone?

  1. When Yellowstone paid a tribute to Melanie Olmstead, a lot of their fans thought she was a part of the show.
  2. Some also claimed that she was a part of the location and transportation department for the show.
  3. Well, she was neither! She didn’t have anything to do with the show.
  4. One of the fans of Yellowstone, Jeanne Supple posted about Mel not being a part of the show on the series’ official Facebook page.

Melanie Olmstead is listed on IMDB as a transportation driver, but not for this show. She died in May of this year. Maybe the producers or showrunners knew her from other projects.

Jeanne Supple says Mel wasn’t a part of Yellowstone.

Why did Yellowstone Pay Tribute to Mel?

  1. Yellowstone paid tribute to Melanie Olmstead in recognition of her work behind the cameras.
  2. The filming crew always stand behind the cameras and yet, they aren’t praised enough!
  3. That’s the reason the directors of the movie included a tribute to her name during the ending credits.

Love for Horses

  1. Melanie Olmstead loved horses since her childhood.
  2. She had a horse named, Mahogany, who passed away a little over a month after her demise.
  3. Mahogany had turned 37 on June 12, 2018.

My love affair with horses started about the time I learned to walk, but I didn’t get my first ‘just mine’ horse until I was an adult. This beautiful, amazing girl has been with me since college and recently celebrated her 37th birthday—for my non-horsey friends, that’s over 100 in human years—and she’s still doing great! Happy birthday, Mahogany, and thanks for being my oldest friend.

Mel talks about her horse!

Note: Please do not mistake Melanie Olmstead Pharis for Mel. Mrs. Pharis is an Executive Director at American Board for Certificate of Teacher Excellence and is married to Andrew Pharis since October 26, 2019. Her sister, Emily Pharis is, in no way, connected to Mel.



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