23 Facts to Know about Bob Odenkrik’s Son, Nathan Odenkirk!

Nathan Odenkirk posing for a photo.

Nathan Odenkirk is the son of American actor, Bob Odenkirk and his wife, Naomi Yomtov.

Let’s get to know more about him!


Top 23 Facts about Nathan Odenkirk

  1. Nathan Odenkirk was born in December 1998 as the eldest son of Bob Odenkirk and Naomi Yomtov.
  2. He has a sibling sister, Erin Odenkirk, born two years later in 2000.
  3. He graduated from DePaul University with a major in Political Science (American Government and Politics) in June 2021.
  4. Prior, he was a student at Oberlin College but transferred to DePaul University after just one year in 2018.

Contracted Coronavirus

  1. In early 2021, Nate Odenkirk contracted the coronavirus.
  2. He had a mild case of the virus and didn’t need to be hospitalized.

I didn’t have to be hospitalized, and it didn’t last as long as it’s lasted for some people. But it still sucked. It really, really hurt. There were weeks where I couldn’t really get out of bed.

Nate on getting COVID!
  1. According to his father, Bob, he celebrated St. Patrick’s Day by attending a house party and felt ill a few days later, after he came to LA from Chicago to spend time with his family.

I met him at the airport, and I gave him a mask, and he washed his hands with antibacterial soap and all that stuff. He woke up the next morning with a fever, and he said his throat hurt like it had cancer. He said it really hurt.

Bob reveals his son’s COVID case to Conan O’Brien.
Bob talks about his son’s coronavirus.
  1. While speaking to James Corden on The Late Show, Bob revealed how it got scarier the longer it went.
Bob revealed his son’s coronavirus to James Corden!
  1. Nate also revealed he’s back to normal and tells young people to take the virus seriously and also requested people to abide by the social distancing rule.

Nate’s in a Relationship

  1. Nathan is in a relationship with his partner, Carmen Levine.
  2. The pair might have been dating for three years now.
  3. Nate isn’t quite active on socials so, it’s hard to determine if they are still together.

Works in The Inquirist Magazine

  1. Nathan Odenkirk currently works as a Satire Writer in The Inquirist Magazine. He started working there since September 2018.
  2. Besides being a writer for the magazine, he also designed the website.
  3. From May 2020, he started working on his Audible project, Summer In Argyle. The series is expected to release in April 2022.
  4. Prior, he worked in Onion Inc as a contributor for just three months.
  5. From July to August 2019, Nate worked as the production assistant for Jimmy Kimmel Live!.
  6. Similarly, a year prior, he worked as an intern for Abso Lutely Productions.
  7. He has also worked as the stage and management assistant for Largo at the Coronet Theatre for four years and three months from July 2015 to September 2019.

A Little about His Parents

  1. Nathan’s parents Bob and Naomi met for the first time in 1994 during one of Bob’s comedy shows. They met again on a set but he didn’t notice her.
  2. The duo met each other again outside a comedy club in Santa Monica and that’s where their relationship started.
  3. They started dating and eventually in 1997, walked down the aisle.
  4. They have been married for 24 years now.


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