15 Facts to Know about Jason Nash’s Son, Wyatt Nash!

Wyatt Nash with his dad, Jason Nash. Source: Instagram

Wyatt Nash is known for being the eldest child of American YouTuber Jason Nash and his ex-wife, Marney Hochman.

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Top 15 Facts of Wyatt Nash!

  1. Wyatt Nash was born on January 15, 2006 to parents, Jason Nash and Marney Hochman.
  2. He has a younger sibling sister, Charley Nash, who is three years younger.
  3. He currently lives with his family in their house in LA which his father bought for $1.375 million in December 2019.

Parents’ Aren’t Together Anymore!

  1. His parents, Jason and Marney were high school sweethearts.
  2. They dated for several years before walking down the aisle in 2007.
  3. The pair married a year after Wyatt was born.
  4. They separated after a decade in 2017.
  5. After separation, Marney prefered to stay single while Jason started dating Trisha Paytas in the same year.
  6. Wyatt’s dad is currently single as he and Trisha walked different ways in 2019.

Music Lover

  1. Wyatt is a music lover and plays the guitar.
  2. On his birthday, his dad gifted him a Smiger L-G1 Red 39″ electric guitar costing $143.72.
  3. Jason once posted a video titled, ‘Suprising Him With a $150,000 Guitar!!‘ on their family YouTube channel.
Surprising Him With a $150,000 Guitar!!

Nash Family Videos

  1. Wyatt makes appearances on his father’s videos from time to time.
  2. His family has their own YouTube channel, Jason Nash Family, which has over 205K subscribers.
  3. He has his own Instagram account with over 157 thousand followers but the account is kept private.


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