21 Facts to Know about Tameka Cottle’s Ex-Partner, Zonnie ‘Zebo’ Pullins!

An old photo of Zonnie Zebo Pullins holding young Zonnique Pullins. Source: Instagram

Zonnie ‘Zebo’ Pullins rose to prominence for his relationship with the American singer, Tameka ‘Tiny’ Cottle. He is also famous because of his daughter, Zonnique Pullins.

Zebo never got married with Tameka. They were together for some time, had a child, and parted ways soon afterward. He moved on and married his love with whom he has welcomed two kids.


Let’s get to know more about him.

Top 21 Facts of Zonnie ‘Zebo’ Pullins

  1. Zonnie Zebo Pullins was born on May 16.
  2. He has American nationality while his ethnicity is African American.

Dated Tiny and Welcomed a Daughter

  1. Zonnie Pullins and Tameka Tiny Harris were dating for some time but they never married.
  2. They were thought to have first met during one of Tameka’s singing shows with her R&B group, Xscape, and got together soon after.
  3. When they were dating, they gave birth to their daughter, Zonnique Pullins, on March 20, 1996.
  4. Everything seemed fine at first but as years passed, they couldn’t continue their relationship. Hence, the pair went separate ways.
  5. However, it is also believed that Tameka moved on with T.I. when Zebo was in prison for a few years.

Re-Marriage with Cheryl Redmond Pullins

  1. After separating from Tiny, Zebo Pullins got into a relationship with Cheryl Redmond Pullins and married soon afterward.
  2. The pair have welcomed two kids together, Zonnie Jr. and Zoey Pullins.
  3. As already mentioned before, his former partner, Tiny got married to Clifford Joseph Harris Jr. AKA T.I.

Cheryl Pullins

  1. Cheryl Pullins graduated with a Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science from Georgia Southern University in 2002.
  2. After graduating, she went on to work for Verisign as a Software Engineer II (Bill Presentation and Enhancements) for two years till 2004.
  3. She then joined Cox Communications initially as a Software Engineer but went on to work as an Analyst, Release Manager, and Technical Project Manager till 2016. She worked at the company for 12 long years.
  4. Prior to working as a Delivery Optimization Manager at Daugherty Business Solutions, she used to work for InterContinental Hotels Group as a Senior Project Manager.
  5. Cheryl was also a certified Project Management Professional for six years.

Daughter, Zonnique Pullins

  1. Zebo’s daughter, Zonnique is now a well-renowned singer and songwriter.
  2. She was previously a part of the girl group, OMG Girlz formed in 2009 under the guidance of her mother, Tiny, and Xscape member, Keisha ‘Babi’ Miles. The group disbanded in 2015.
  3. She released her first single, Nun for Free featuring Young Thug a few months after the disbanding. Pullins then went on to release Cool Kids, Can’t Trust Em, Worst Friday, and Winner.
  4. Zonnique, whose net worth is $500 thousand, released her first EP, Love Jones, featuring Donny Carrington in 2017.
  5. Regarding her love life, she is dating her boyfriend, Bandhuta Izzy since 2018.
  6. Pullins welcomed her first child, a daughter, on December 15, 2020. She weighed 8 lbs 8oz and 21 inches long when she was born.

Zebo and Zonnique’s Father-Daughter Relationship

  1. Zonnie Zebo Pullins and his daughter, Zonnique Pullins seem to have a great relationship.
  2. Niq doesn’t seem to have a lot of pictures together with her biological dad. Though that, she has included him in at least four Instagram posts to date. (We’ve included the photo below!)
  3. In 2012, Zebo called blogger Sandra Rose to set things straight after she wrote that he hadn’t spoken to Niq since he was released from prison. They had indeed spoken a lot since then.

Zebo Disowned Zonnique

  1. Zebo Pullins had disowned Zoniqe Pullins in 2016 after an internet exchange of words between his current wife, Cheryl Pullins, and his former partner, Tiny Harris.
  2. The word wars began after T.I. posted a photo with the caption, “Mines!!!”
  3. This upset Cheryl. So she took to her Instagram handle to post a photo comparing T.I. with his daughter, Deyjah Harris, and Zonique with her father Zonnie.
  4. Tiny was quick to respond with a lengthy comment saying T.I. was there for her daughter when Zonnie wasn’t.

How can u be mad at a man that stepped up to the plate & took care of a child as if she was his own from the time she was 5. Her father was not around since the age of 3 when he came home she was 11 or 12 & it ain’t like he came home & said thanks I got it from here. Tip continue to take care of her every need & want.

  1. Cheryl lashed back at her revealing how Tiny had been covering her partner’s mistakes. She also revealed Zebo had to pay Niq’s tuition fees and mortgages after he came home.
  2. The comments went back and forth until Zonnique barged in. She revealed how her mother and stepdad had done so much for her while her biological dad didn’t even visit her.
  3. After this argument, Zebo is believed to have called her and asked her to delete his number and never call him again. He disowned his daughter! But, things seem normal now as Niq recently wished her father on his birthday.


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    My name is spelled “Zoe Raye” and my father had 1 kid before Zonnique making her the middle child. We are all on good terms now and speak to my sister everyday.

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