22 Facts to Know about Tait Blum, Actor of Home Team!

A photo of Tait Blum from Home Team. Tait is known for his appearance as Connor Payton in Home Team. Source: Instagram (@pfkluger)

Tait Blum is an American actor who recently came to fame for appearing as Connor Payton in the Netflix sports comedy, Home Team.

Tait started his acting career at the age of 12 in 2018 as a younger Bob Lee in the TV series, Shooter.


Top 22 Facts about Tait Blum

  1. Tait Blum was born on March 31, 2006, to Todd and Heather Blum.
  2. He was raised alongside his younger brother, Teddy Blum, who is also an actor.
  3. His paternal grandfather is Roger Blum.

Appeared in Home Team

  1. Tait Blum recently appeared as Connor Payton in the Netflix movie, Home Team.
  2. The movie is based on New Orleans Saints head coach, Sean Payton‘s one-year suspension due to the Bountygate Scandal.
  3. Sean goes to Texas during his hiatus to bond with his 12-year-old son, but ends up coaching his 6th-grade football team, Warriors.
Home Team Trailer!
  1. The film was released on January 28, 2022, in Netflix.
  2. Kevin James appeared as Sean and Jackie Sandler portrayed Sean’s ex-wife, Beth Shuey.
  3. The movie is written by Christopher Titone (Boyfriend of Meghan Payton, Sean Payton’s daughter) and Keith Blum.
  4. Similarly, it was directed by Charles and Daniel Kinnane.

How did Tait Prepare for Home Team?

  1. Tait Blum researched about Connor and the real life, ‘Warriors’ prior to shooting the movie.
  2. He also learned how Connor talked and what Sean Payton meant to the Warriors.

I did research on Connor and the real life “Warriors” prior to shooting. I wanted to see how Connor talked and get a sense for the overall feelings the Warriors had towards coach Payton. I studied the script to try and familiarize myself with the complete backstory before going on set.

  1. Not only did he research on Connor, but he also hired a coach to hone his route running and catching techniques.
  2. He had prior experience as a quarterback which made things easy for him.

I’ve always loved football! I had some prior experience as a quarter-back and a quite a bit of football knowledge going into Home Team, so it felt natural. I also knew that the real life Connor was a good athlete and I wanted his role to be played authentically, so I decided to hire a receiver coach to hone my route running and catching techniques.

Career Besides Home Team

  1. Besides Home Team, Tait Blum has eight other acting credits.
  2. His career as an actor started in 2018 when he joined the TV series, Shooter as Young Bob Lee.
  3. He has since appeared in Medal of Honor, Titans, Cousins for Life, For All Mankind, Team Kaylie, Unicorn, and Extra Ordinary.

Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and Go-Kart Racing

  1. Tait Blum has always been an active kid.
  2. He is trained in Brazilian jiu-jitsu and has even competed in several competitions including the SJJIF No-Gi World Title.
  3. Unfortunately, he stopped playing after he fractured his arm and dislocated his shoulder.
  1. Besides jiu-jitsu, Blum also enjoys go-kart racing.
  2. He has, to date, participated in ROTAX Grand Nationals and Challenge of the Americas.

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