19 Facts to Know about Jenni Rivera’s Son, Michael Marin Rivera!

Michael Marin Rivera posing for a photo. Source: Instagram

The Mexican American actor Michael Marin Rivera is known for being the son of the late singer, Jenni Rivera and the brother of singer Chiquis Rivera.

Let’s get to know more about Mikey!


Top 19 Facts of Michael Marin Rivera

  1. Michael Marin Rivera was born Trinidad Angelo Marin Rivera on September 11, 1991, in Long Beach, California.
  2. He was born to parents, Jenni Rivera and Trino Marin.
  3. His parents separated when he was one-year-old.
  4. Michael has four siblings, Chiquis (1985), Jacqueline (1989), Jenicka (1997), and Juan Angel (2001).
  5. Jenicka and Juan Angel were born from his mother’s relationship with second husband, Juan Lopez.

Mother Died in a Plane Crash

  1. His mom, Jenni Rivera passed away at the age of 43 on December 9, 2012.
  2. She was flying to Toluca in Learjet 25 when it crashed near Iturbide, Nuevo Leon.
  3. They were returning from a concert at Monterrey Arena.
  4. Loss of control of the aircraft was deemed as the probable cause of accident.

Marriage and Kids

  1. Michael Marin Rivera is currently single.
  2. However, he had a girlfriend with whom he welcomed a daughter.
  3. His daughter, Luna Amira Marin Ibarra was born on August 28, 2012, a few months before his mother’s demise.
  4. She is currently 8 years old.
  5. His daughter has her own fan club, Luna Amira Marin Fan Club.

Arrested for Criminal Offence

  1. Michael was arrested for vandalism on Thursday, February 21, 2013, at around 3 am in Washington Avenue, Miami Beach.
  2. He was arrested after he was spotted “tagging a sign with a marker”.
  3. He was released on $1,000 bond.
  4. Prior to this, he also had another case of offence.
  5. He was charged with molestation in 2010.
  6. He pled guilty to sex with a minor (he was 19 and the girl was 16).

Mikey is an Artist

  1. Michael Rivera is an artist but, he used to appear on his family’s reality shows till 2017.
  2. He is a muralist and goes by the moniker, “Michelangelo“.
  3. Mikey has even made a mural of his mom at 5459 Atlantic Ave, Long Beach, California with the help of Levi Ponce and Tetris Wai.


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