42 Facts to Know about When a Man Loves a Woman Singer, Michael Bolton!

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Michael Bolton is an American singer/songwriter known for receiving two Grammys and six American Music Awards. He is famous for his songs When a Man Loves a Woman and How Am I Supposed to Live Without You.

Bolton has sold more than 75 million records to date. He has also had two #1 singles on the Billboard charts. Meanwhile, he was previously married but is currently single.


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Top 42 Facts of Michael Bolton

  1. Michael Bolton was born Michael Bolotin on February 26, 1953, in New Haven, Connecticut, US.
  2. He was born to George and Helen Bolotin.
  3. His grandparents were Russian Jewish Immigrants.
  4. He has two siblings, a brother, Orrin Bolotin, and a sister, Sandra Bolotin.
  5. Michael and his siblings were raised by her single mother since his parents divorced early on.
  6. During his early years, he was a ‘hippie kid’, who busked on the streets of Greenwich Village with his guitar for money.

Marriage and Divorce

  1. Michael Bolton was married to his wife, Maureen McGuire for 15 years from 1975 to 1990.
  2. They had started dating when Bolton was in his mid-20s and walked down the aisle in his late-20s.

By my late 20s I was already married [to Maureen McGuire] and had three daughters [Isa, Holly, and Taryn].

Bolton on being married at the late 20s.
  1. His wife, Maureen was with him when he was a struggling rock singer during the late 70s.
  2. He had to sing the U.S. Army jingle, “Be All You Can Be” and several other jingles for Dr. Pepper and Budweiser to pay the bills.


  1. From his 15 years long marriage with his wife, Maureen, Michael welcomed three kids, all daughters (all two years apart).
  2. His daughters are Isa, Holly, and Taryn Bolton.
  3. Following his divorce from Maureen, he got custody of his daughters.
  4. In October 2010, he became a grandfather for the first time from his daughter, Taryn.
  5. As reported by People, he has six grandchildren as of February 2019.
  6. His grandkids call him “GPa.”
  7. Michael loves his grandkids and loves to spend his free time with them. But, he isn’t allowed to put them to sleep.

I’m not going to be putting [the grandkids] to sleep. Ten minutes after they think the kids are going to sleep and I’m reading to them … I’m chasing them around the room!

Bolton says he can’t put his grandkids to sleep.

Engaged to Nicollette Sheridan

  1. In 1992, Michael Bolton met actress Nicollette Sheridan through contemporary/jazz saxophonist, Kenny G.
  2. They started dating but separated ways three years later in 1995.
  3. A decade after, in 2005, they tried getting back together and by March 2006, they were engaged.
  4. Well, their engagement was short-lived as the duo broke up in August 2008.

Nicollette Sheridan and Lisa Rinna’s Argument

  1. Before Michael met Nicollette, she was married to Mad Men actor, Harry Hamlin. They were together for only a year.
  2. According to his current wife, Lisa Rinna, Sheridan cheated on Hamlin with Bolton.

The story is, [Sheridan] went to a Michael Bolton concert at the Hollywood Bowl … and left with Michael Bolton!

Lisa talks about her husband’s divorce with Nicollette in an episode of RHOBH.
  1. When Nicollette found out about it, she took to her Twitter to claim that it was fake news.

FAKE NEWS! Harry and I ended our marriage nose to nose in Canada. Michael was a long-time friend that was invited to our wedding…Happy Harry found happiness with housewife @lisarinna.

Nicollette on how she ended her marriage with Harry.
  1. Her former partner, Harry barged in tweeting, “Re Fake News! What’s it called when your wife of one year suddenly goes to bed with a pop singer? …two weeks after your mother dies?”

I did a lotta stuff with my wife ‘nose to nose’ but mending our marriage was not one of them!

Harry says he didn’t divorce Nicollette nose to nose.
  1. Sheridan hit back saying he was supporting his wife’s fake news.

Do you really want the truth shared? I appreciate that you want to support your housewife’s FAKE NEWS narrative, but the end of our marriage had nothing to do with anyone other than us. Sad you still can’t own your part.

Sheridan says Hamlin is supporting his wife’s fake news.
  1. Recently in 2021, while attending Radio Andy with Andy Cohen, Michael was asked if he knew about the war of words between Rinna, Hamlin, and Sheridan.
  2. Well, he was! He didn’t know the full story behind it but Lisa met him at The Beverly Hills Hotel at The Polo Lounge and hugged him saying, she would have never gotten together with Harry and had a child if it weren’t for him.

If it weren’t for you, I would have never gotten together with Harry and, and had a child.

Lisa told Michael she wouldn’t be with Harry if it weren’t for him.

The Michael Bolton Foundation

  1. In 1993, Michael Bolotin founded The Michael Bolton Foundation to help women and children from the effects of poverty and emotional, physical, and sexual abuse.
  2. Two years later, the foundation raised over $2.6 million but only 15% i.e, $390,000, was sent to charities and the rest was used for a concert headlined by the singer.
  3. In 1995, he performed for a fundraiser for John G. Rowland after his foundation received a $300,000 grant from the State.
  4. Besides The Michael Bolton Foundation, the singer is also involved in other charities such as Prevent Child Abuse America, The Close for Cancer Research, National Mentoring Partnership, and the JoeDiMaggio Children’s Hospital.

Michael’s Net Worth is $80 Million

  1. The two-time Grammy winner, Michael Bolton, who has released 23 studio albums, 1 live album, and 35 singles since 1975, has earned an estimated net worth of around $80 million as of 2021.
  2. In 1992, he was sued by the Isley Brothers claiming that his song, Love is a Wonderful Thing was stolen from their song released in 1966.
  3. Bolton, his songwriter, and Sony Music were ordered to pay the Isley Brothers $5 million for plagiarising their song. He paid $932,924, his songwriter paid, $220,785, and Sony Music paid $4.2 million.
  4. In 1991, the singer bought a house for $975,000 but listed it for sale more than two decades later.
  5. In 2008, he purchased an $11 million 9,600 square feet mansion in Westport, Connecticut.

Some More Facts

  1. Bolton already has a Star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.
  2. He has been named People Magazine’s Sexiest Man several times.
  3. The 68-year-old has also been awarded the Martin Luther King Award for being a philanthropist.
  4. He was the vocalist of the American rock band, Blackjack.
  5. Former President Bill Clinton was thought to be his huge fan.
  6. He has an autobiography, The Soul of It All: My Music, My Life in January 2013.


Harry Hamlin's tweet regarding Nicollette Sheridan.
Harry Hamlin’s tweet regarding Nicollette Sheridan. Source: Tiwtter

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