19 Facts to Know about Meghan Payton, Sean Payton’s Daughter!

Meghan Payton in a red dress. Meghan is the daughter of Sean Payton and Beth Shuey. Source: Instagram

Meghan Payton is the eldest child of New Orleans Saints head coach, Sean Payton.

Meghan currently works as a sportscaster for NFL Network.


Top 19 Facts about Meghan Payton

  1. Meghan Payton was born on March 20, 1997, to Sean Payton and Beth Shuey.
  2. She grew up with her brother, Connor Payton, who is three years younger.
  1. She joined Pepperdine University in 2015 and graduated with a Bachleor’s degree in Media Production and Sports Broadcasting in 2019.

Relationship of Her Parents

  1. Meghan’s parents, Beth Shuey and Sean Payton, walked down the aisle on July 11, 1992, after two years of dating.
  2. They first met at college in 1990 while Beth was in her final years and Sean had joined the college as a running back and wide receivers coach.
  1. After almost two decades of relationship, Sean filed for divorce on June 13, 2012, at the Tarrant County.
  2. He cited “discord or conflict of personalities” at the reason for their separation.
  3. Following their separation, they were given joint custudy of their kids.
  4. However, Beth became the primary custodian of their children after she filed a petiion requesting primary custody.
  1. After their divorce, Beth went on to marry, Jamie McGuire on September 20, 2020.
  2. Similarly, Sean got married to Skylene Montgomery in November 8, 2020.

Her Brother, Connor Payton

  1. Meghan’s brother, Connor Payton was born on May 31, 2000.
  1. He completed his high school at Liberty Christian School in Fort Worth, Texas.
  2. Now, he is enrolled at Texas Christian University.

Two Step-Sisters

  1. Meghan Payton has two step-sisters, Maggie and Molly McGuire.
  2. Her step-siblings were born to his step-dad Jamie and his former wife, Krystin Knox.
  3. Maggie is currently attending East Carolina University.
  4. She has been dating Corey Hilderhoff since September 3, 2021.

Career as a Sportscaster

  1. Meghan Payton is currenlty working as a sportscaster for the NFL Network.
  2. She joined NFL Network in February 2021.
  3. Prior, she worked as a sports news correspondent for WGNO.

Dating Christopher Titone

  1. Meghan Payton is dating her boyfriend, Christopher Titone.
  2. They have been dating since 2016.
  3. Both of them are quite open about their relationship and don’t shy away from flaunting their love life on social media.
  1. Her boyfriend, Chris is an actor, writer, and associate producer.
  2. He recently wrote, produced, and acted in the Netflix comedy movie, Home Team.
  3. The movie is based on Meghan’s dad, Sean Payton and his one-year suspension due to the Bountygate Scandal.
Home Team Trailer!


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