18 Facts to Know about Jack Sullivan Rudd, Paul Rudd’s Son!

Paul Rudd and His Son, Jack Sullivan Rudd. Jack Sullivan is the eldest son of Paul Rudd. Source: Pinterest (@AllexStark)

Jack Sullivan Rudd is the son of Ant-Man star, Paul Rudd and his wife, Julie Yaeger.

Top 18 Facts about Jack Sullivan Rudd

  1. Jack Sullivan Rudd was born on April 20, 2006, in New York to Paul Rudd and Julie Yaeger.
  2. He has a younger sister, Darby Rudd, who was born in 2010.
  3. His paternal grandparents are Michael Rudd and Gloria Irene Granville.
  4. His grandparents had changed their surname from ‘Rudnitsky‘ to ‘Rudd’ after moving to England.
  5. He is Jewish and has mixed ethnic background; Russian, Polish, Belarusian, and English.

Relationship of Her Parents

  1. Jack’s parents, Paul Rudd and Julie Yaeger first met in New York in 1995.
  2. Paul had just moved to New York after a hit movie while Julie was working as a publicist.
  3. He was running late for an audition, so he asked Julie (a total stranger at the time) to take care of his luggage.
  4. A few days later, Paul asked her out and the rest is history.
  5. They dated for eight years prior to walking down the aisle on February 23, 2003.

Unimpressed By Ant Man

  1. Paul Rudd revealed during an interview with Entertainment Tonight that his 15-year-old son Jack Sullivan Rudd was sarcastic towards his Marvel superhero role.

When I told my son that I was going to be in a superhero movie, he asked me what it was. I said, ‘Well I’ll be playing Ant-Man.’ He said, ‘What?’ He was not that impressed. What he actually said was, ‘Wow, I can’t wait to see how stupid that’ll be.’

Paul’s son is unimpressed by Ant-Man.
  1. Though Jack was unimpressed with his dad’s superhero role, he did assist his father at the movie’s premiere.
  2. It was actually his very first premiere experience!

This is the first film (Ant-Man) of mine that he’s seen and it makes me proud and nervous at the same time. I took him to the premiere – he’d never been to a premiere, and that was a very moving experience for me. The best thing about anything is sharing it with your kid.

  1. Paul believes his son would only be proud of him if he could play for his son’s favorite teams, Kansas City Chiefs (NFL) or Manchester City (EPL).

Visited the Super Bowl 2020 Final with His Dad

  1. As already mentioned, Jack Sullivan Rudd is a huge fan of the American football club, Kansas City Chiefs.
  2. Not only him but his dad is also a huge fan of the club.
  3. That might be the reason why both of them were present at the Super Bowl 2020 finale between San Francisco 49ers and Kansas City Chiefs.
  4. Their favorite team won the competion after 50 years.
  1. The father-son duo walked onto the field to congratulate the team where Fox Sports reporter Peter Schrager interviewed them about how they felt after the win.
  2. They revealed that Jack was so overwhelmed that he had a nosebleed and he didn’t know when it happened.

It feels like I’m seeing colors for the first time in my life. It doesn’t even feal real.

Jack’s TikTok

  1. Jack Sullivan Rudd isn’t on any social platforms.
  2. There’s a TikTok account @jaycubrudd, which claimed to be Paul Rudd’s son.
  3. But, he isn’t Jack Rudd, he is Jacob Woodall, a comedian from Hawaii.

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