23 Facts to Know about Billy Blanks’ Ex-Wife, Gayle Godfrey!

Billy Blanks and Gayle Godfrey collage. Source: Instagram (Left, Right)

Gayle Godfrey is the ex-wife of an American martial artist and Tae Bo exercise plan creator, Billy Blanks.

Godrey was married to her partner for more than three decades but they couldn’t continue their relationship. They separated in 2008 and Gayle got married to Ramon Vincent afterward.


Let’s get to know more about her!

Top 23 Facts about Gayle Godfrey

  1. Gayle Godfrey celebrates her birthday on May 13 every year.
  2. She has two sibling sisters, Nadene Godfrey and Tori Johnson.

Married to Billy for 33 Years

  1. Gayle Godfrey and Billy Blanks married in 1974 after dating for several months.
  2. They first met in a karate class and soon started dating.
  3. The duo were married for 33 years until their separation in 2008.
  4. Gayle had filed for the divorce citing irreconciliable differences.

Currently Married to Ramon Vincent

  1. Gayle Godrey walked down the aisle with Ramon Vincent on July 1, 2018, a decade after separating with her ex-husband, Billy Blanks.
  2. She is now known by the name, Gayle Gigi Vincent.
  3. Gayle and Ramon started dating in 2015 and engaged two years later on May 28, 2017.
  4. They have already celebrated their third anniversary as of 2021.
  5. As for her ex-partner, Billy, he tied the knot with Tomoko Sato soon after their divorce on June 20, 2009.
  6. They had already registered their marriage in January 2009.
  7. Billy and Tomoko first met while his wife was working as a Japanese interpreter in 2007.
  8. They had already given birth to their daughter, Angelika Blanks in November 2008, the same year as his divorce.

Mother of 6

  1. Gayle Godfrey has six kids.
  2. Two are her own and the remaining four are her step-kids from husband, Ramon Vincent.

Shellie Blanks Cimarosti

  1. Gayle gave birth to her first child, Shellie Blanks Cimarosti in 1973.
  2. Billy adopted Shellie after marrying her mother.
  3. Cimarosti is also a martial artist.
  4. She has her own fitness center, Shell Shock Fitness in Franklin, Tennessee.
Shellie’s Shell Shock Fitness Intro.
  1. Her fitness center focuses on HIIT, Cardio, Kick-boxing, and strength training.
  2. Shellie is currently married to Mark Cimarosti and has two children, both sons.

Billy Blanks Jr.

  1. Gayle and Billy welcomed Billy Blanks Jr. soon after their marriage.
  2. Billy Jr. is a dancer, fitness instructor, and singer.
  3. He has his own fitness program called, Billy Blanks Jr. Dance It Out.
  4. Jr. is currently married to his wife, Sharon Catherine Blanks.
  5. They adopted their son, Elijah Blanks in 2006.

Four Step-Kids

  1. Godfrey has four step-kids from her current partner, Ramon.
  2. Her kids are, Londynn Neiamaih, Rhema Vincent, Chloe Vincent, and Ramon Vincent Jr (Cyrus Black).
  3. Their eldest child, Londynn is currently in navy.
  4. Similarly, Rhema is an aspiring musician.
  5. Their youngest child, Chloe graduated from 6th grade on June 3, 2020.

What does Gayle do for a Living?

  1. Gayle Godfrey is the co-owner and Treasurer Board of Directors of Split Point Inc, a movie production and investment business, since 2016.
  2. She is also the owner of Yor Kie Designs and the Executive Producer of MoveTube.
  3. Prior, she worked as a Secretary for The Billy Blanks Foundation for 11 years from 1999 to 2000.
  4. She was also the co-owner of BG Star Productions Inc and co-creator of Tae Bo Fitness alongside her ex-partner. She worked there till July 2017 since February 1992.
  5. Initially, in 1975, she started working as the manager of Tae Bo Fitness and Martial Arts Studios.
  6. From her career, Gayle has earned an estimated $2 million net worth.
  7. In contrast, her ex-husband, Billy Blanks has amassed a whopping $20 million fortune from his career.


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