22 Facts to Know about YouTuber Emma Chamberlain!

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Emma Chamberlain is an American social media personality known for her self-titled YouTube channel with over 10.3 million subscribers and Instagram handle with over 13.2 million followers!

Since creating her channel on June 14, 2016, Chamberlain has gone on to be called “the funniest person on YouTube” by the New York Times. She won Streamy Award for Breakout Creator in 2018 and a year later, was named among The 25 Most Influential People On The Internet by Time Magazine.


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Top 22 Facts of YouTuber Emma Chamberlain

  1. Emma Chamberlain was born on May 22, 2001, in San Bruno, California, US to parents, Michael John and Sophia Chamberlain.
  2. Her parents sepratated when she was just five.
  3. She studied at the Central Middle School in San Carlos, California prior to joining an all-girl Catholic preparatory school, Notre Dame High School in Belmont.
  4. She left high school on her first semester but graudated after passing the California High School Exit Exam.

Emma’s Dating History

  1. Emma Chamberlain seems to be daitng Tucker Pillsbury AKA Role Model since 2021.
  2. They haven’t revealed about their relationship but fans believe they’re dating since Emma, her parents, and Tucker all follow each other on their socials.
  3. While speaking to TikTokDramaFix about one of her follower Willy Wonka’s obsession with her, Emma revealed that he can have fun but she’s not a cheater, which might imply to her being in a relationship.
  4. Prior to her dating rumors with Tucker, she was dating Aaron Hull.
  5. In one of his videos titled, ‘Hey! I hope you will watch this.‘, published on September 2, 2020, he reavealed what his relationship with Emma was, how he felt about her, and why it ended.
Aaron talks about his relationship with Emma.
  1. They dated for five months before breaking up over the phone. Their relationship succumbed to long distance.
  2. On the video, Aaron also revealed he was accused of cheating but he claims he wasn’t.
  3. There were also rumors of Emma dating Ethan Dolan from The Dolan Twins.
  4. The pair were caught flirting on many occassions. During their ‘Trip to Vegas‘, Emma paired up with Ethan rather than him being paired with his twin brother Grayson Dolan.
  5. Well, The Sister Squad has already broken up and nobody knows if they were dating. We’ll never know because Emma just hates having a public relationship!

I don’t know if I would ever have a public relationship, ever. And this is not coming from experience in any way; this is coming from morals. I’m speaking from what would feel right. Breakups alone are absolutely the most f–king awful thing that exists. Why would you want other people to be heartbroken with you? I can’t imagine that. And also, I don’t like seeing other people’s relationships. It’s boring and it’s gross.

Emma reveals about her not having a public relationship with W Magazine.

Net Worth

  1. Emma Chamberlain has earned an estimated netn worth of around $12 million as of 2021.
  2. She has a self-titled YouTube Channel with over 10.3 million subscribers. As per SocialBlade, she makes around $167 to $2.7 thousand per month from her channel.
  3. According to Celebrity Net Worth, she made around $120,000 to $2 million a year on YouTube alone.
  4. Chamberlain has her own online coffee business, Chamberlain Coffee.
  5. She released her podcast, Anything Goes on April 11, 2019.
  6. It’s a weekly series produced by Ramble Official in partnership with Cadence 13 and United Talent Agency.
  7. In March 2020, she bought a $3.9 million home in West Hollywood, California. She listed the property for sale in 2020 for $4 million but sold it at $4.095 million in May 2021.
  8. After selling her first house in West Hollywood, she’s moved to a new house. We’ll have to wait to find out wher her new property is!
Emma has moved to a new property!


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