33 Facts to Know about NCAA Women Title Winner, Craig Telfer AKA CeCe Telfer!

CeCe Telfer posing for a photoshoot. Source: Instagram

Craig Telfer is a Jamaican-American athlete who recently won the NCAA women’s title as an openly transgender woman.

Telfer used to compete in the men’s division but after suppressing her testosterone, she, now famous as CeCe Telfer, was allowed to participate in the women’s division and eventually win the competition in June 2019.


Let’s get to know more about Craig.

Top 33 Facts of Craig Telfer

  1. Craig Telfer was born in Jamaica and raised by her single mother.
  2. She is the youngest of three kids.
  3. Her mother was a traveling nurse so, when she was 12, her family moved to Canada, eventyally settling down in Lebanon, New Hampshire.
  4. She has a Bachelor’s degree in psychology.
  5. Similarly, she studied at Franklin Pierce College to complete her second major, Biology.


  1. When CeCe first came to New Hampshire, she got a job at a famous ice cream parlor.
  2. After joiining her junior high school, she was recruited into the track and field team by coach Andrew Gamble.
  3. During her senior year, her mother moved to New York for a job and she started living alone.
  4. This was when coach Zach Emerson recruited Telfer to the men’s track and field team.
  5. She was a consistent runner in men’s hurdles during her second and third year of college.
  6. CeCe placed third in the 110 meters at the 2017 Northeast-10 Conference Outdoor Championships.
  7. She was with the men’s team until 2018. Subsequently, she joined the women’s team and went on to win the NCAA Division II Championship for 400 meters.

How CeCe Became a Woman?

  1. Around the time she won the 2017 Northeast-10 Conference Outdoor Championship, she visited Planned Parenthood for birth control out of desparation to become more feminine.
  2. When a nurse found out about her plan, she informed her about the transgender policy.
  3. She then started seeing a doctor and got hormone treatment to block testosterone.
  4. Telfer had to see a therapist to help with the daily mental struggles but, it wasn’t enough and she left the men’s team in 2018.

It was stifling, and I couldn’t do it anymore.

CeCe left the men’s team after she couldn’t deal with her mental struggles.
  1. She worked out daily with her roommate and fellow athlete, Lilian Baah. But, it wasn’t enough. She missed competing in a team.
  2. Telfer told Baah about wanting to compete as a woman and also asked the Franklin Pierce athletics staff the same thing.

I was honestly relieved when she said she wanted to compete as a female. I never really once thought of her as a male. I just felt like, OK, she’s finally getting a little more comfortable making this transition.

Assistant Coach Whitney Cyr on Telfer coming out!
  1. The University President alongside Athletics Director Rachel Burleson consulted with lawyers and other national championship office staffs to create a transgender policy.
  2. The athletics staff, drug-testing coordinator, and compliance director, checked with Telfer and her doctor to ensure she was following NCAA standards. She had been on hormone therapy for over a year.
  3. She was approved for competing with women and took the track in December 2018.

NCAA Division II National 400 m Winner

  1. After taking the tracks in December, she was able to compete in her first major championship on May 25, 2019, competing as a college athlete for the last time.
  2. She participated in the 100 and 400 meter hurdles at the NCAA Division II National Championship.
  3. She placed 5th on the women’s 100 meters hurdles during her first race. It took her 13.56 seconds to cross the finish line.
  4. However, on her second race of 400 meters, she stood as the victor.
  5. She beat her closest competitor by a second and a half finishing the race in 57.53 seconds.

Ineligibile for US Olympic Trials

  1. Recently, CeCe was ruled out of the US Olympic trials.
  2. According to the USA Track and Field (USATF), she failed to meet the World Athletic requirements for tirals.
  3. The guideline needs women athletes to have testosterone levels below 5 nanomoles per liter for 12 months for events between distances of 400 meters and a mile.

If CeCe meets the conditions for transgender athlete participation in the future, we wholeheartedly back her participation in international events as a member of Team USATF.

USATF on letting CeCe play if conditions are ment.

Some More Facts

  1. CeCe had thick and long dreads during her childhood.
  2. She loved to dance, sing, cheer, and do gymnastics. But, she was pressured to try basketball instead.
  3. During her first day at a new school, she was disciplined for going to the girl’s restroom.
  4. She was named “CeCe” by her best friend during her freshman years.


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