25 Facts to Know about Connor Payton, Sean Payton’s Son!

Connor Payton with His Dad, Sean Payton. Connor is the son of New Orleans Saints head coach, Sean Payton. Source: Twitter

Connor Payton is known for being the son of the New Orleans Saints head coach, Sean Payton.

Let’s get to know more about Connor!


Top 25 Facts about Connor Payton

  1. Connor Payton was born on May 31, 2000, to Sean Payton and Beth Shuey.
  2. He was raised alongside his elder sister, Meghan Payton.
  1. He graduated from Liberty Christian School in Fort Worth, Texas.
  2. Since 2019, he has been studying at Texas Christian University.

Relationship of His Parents

  1. Connor’s parents, Beth Shuey and Sean Payton married on July 11, 1992.
  2. They met in college, where Beth was in her final years and Sean had just joined the college as a running back and wide receivers coach in 1990.
  1. The pair were together until 2012.
  2. Sean filed for divorce on June 13, 2012, at the Tarrant County citing “discord or conflict of personalities.”
  3. At first, they were given joint custory of their kids. However, Beth later filed a petition requesting to become the primary custodian of their children.
  1. Beth received a $3.450 million 7,785 square feet home on Brazos court in Vaquero after the divorce.
  2. Following their separation, Beth went on to become a millionaire with a worth estimated at $5 million.
  1. Post-divorce, Connor’s mom married Jamie McGuire on September 20, 2020.
  2. Similarly, his dad is now married to Miss West Virginia, Skylene Montgomery since November 8, 2020.

His Sister, Meghan Payton

  1. Connor’s elder sister, Meghan Payton was born on March 20, 1997.
  2. She graduated with a Media Production and Sports Broadcasting degree from Pepperdine University in 2019.
  3. Now, she is working as a sportscaster for NFL Network.
  4. She previously worked as a sports correspondent for WGNO.
  1. As for her personal life, Meghan is dating actor and writer, Christopher Titone.
  2. They have been dating since 2016.
  3. Her boyfriend co-wrote the Netflix comedy movie, Home Team, based on Meghan’s dad’s one-year-suspension.

Two Step-Sisters

  1. Connor Payton has two step-siblings, Maggie and Molly McGuire.
  2. His step-sisters were born to his step-dad Jamie and his former wife, Krystin Knox.
  1. Maggie is currently attending East Carolina University.
  2. She is dating Corey Hilderhoff since September 3, 2021.

Did Sean Payton Coach His Son’s Football Team?

  1. Sean Payton coached his son’s 6th-grade football team, Warrios, for only one year, that too, during his ‘Bountygate Scandal’ suspension.
  2. Connor was 12 when his father was suspended from the NFL.
  1. At the moment, Payton is not a part of his university’s football team.
  2. His dad also announced his retirement from his coaching position at New Orleans Saints after 16 years.

Netflix’ Home Team

  1. As already mentioned, Sean Payton coached his son’s football team for a year when he was in school.
  2. Her daughter’s boyfriend, Chris Titone picked up the story and created a movie around it titled Home Team.
  3. The movie released on Netflix on Janaury 28, 2022.
  4. It stars actors like Kevin James, Tait Blum, Jackie Sandler, Taylor Launter, Rob Schneider, and Lavell Crawford.
Home Team Trailer!
  1. The story follows Sean, who is suspended for a year because of the Bountygate Scandal soon after winning the Super Bowl LXIV.
  2. He gets back to Texas to spend some time with his son, Connor, but ends up coaching his football team.


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