13 Facts to Know about Jason Nash’s Daughter, Charley Nash!

Charley Nash with her dad, Jason Nash. Source: Instagram

Charley Nash is famous for being the youngest daughter of YouTuber Jason Nash and his former partner, Marney Hochman.

Here’s more about her!


Top 13 Facts about Charley Nash

  1. Charley Nash was born on January 22, 2009, to Jason Nash and Marney Hochman.
  2. She has an elder sibling, brother, Wyatt Nash, who is three years older.

Her Parents are Separated

  1. Her parents, Jason and Marney were together for around a decade.
  2. They were high school lovers.
  3. The duo walked down the aisle in 2007 and separated ten years later in 2017.
  4. Following their separation, Jason started dating Trisha Paytas. They had an on-off relationship for two years until they broke up for the final time in 2019.
  5. Both Jason and Marney are single for now.

Appears on Father’s Videos

  1. Charley occassionally appears on her father’s videos on YouTube.
  2. The Nash family has their own YouTube Channel titled Jason Nash Family, which has over 205K subscribers.
A video from Jason Nash Family YouTube Channel!
  1. She also makes regular appearances on her dad’s TikTok which has over 2.4 million followers.
  2. She also had her own TikTok with over 457.8 thousand followers and Instagram with over 49.2 thousand followers.
  3. Her TikTok account is nowhere to be found while her Instagram handle currently has zero posts. Why did she delete her TikTok account and Instagram posts? Only she can tell!
  4. She currently lives with her dad and brother at their LA home worth $1.375 million.


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