18 Facts to Know about BreAnne LaFleur, Matt LaFleur’s Wife!

BreAnne LaFleur and Matt LaFleur with their kids. Source: Facebook

BreAnne LaFleur is the wife of the head coach of the Green Bay Packers NFL team, Matt LaFleur.

BreAnne and Matt have been together for more than 21 years now. From their relationship, the duo welcomed two kids together.


Let’s get to know more about BreAnne!

Top 18 Facts of BreAnne LaFleur

  1. BreAnne LaFleur (nee Maak) was born on July 2, 1983, in Michigan, US.
  2. She was born to parents, Irvin Maak Wener and Jane Marie.
  3. BreAnne has a sister, Balie Maak McKenzie.
  4. She completed high school from Marcellus High School in Marcellus, Michigan, in 2002.
  5. After that, she graduated with a degree in Physical Therapy from Central Michigan University.

Married to Football Coach Matt LaFleur

  1. BreAnne LaFleur is married to football coach Matt LaFleur.
  2. She and her husband met each other at Central Michigan University in 2004.
  3. At the time, both of them worked as the assistant of Brian Kelly in Mount Pleasant (Matt’s hometown).
  4. The couple eventually fell in love and got married soon after.
  1. Her father-in-law, Denny LaFleur was a linebacker for Central Michigan.
  2. Similarly, her mother-in-law, Kristi LaFleur worked as a cheerleader.
  3. From the ’90s to 2015, her in-laws served as coach and physical education teacher at Mount Pleasant High School.

Mother of Two

  1. BreAnne and Matt are parents to two.
  2. Their eldest son, Luke Matt LaFleur was born in June 2011.
  3. Similarly, Ty Matt LaFleur was born in August 2013.

Left Job for Her Family

  1. BreAnne LaFleur was working as a pharmaceutical sales rep in Ohio in mid-2000s.
  2. In 2007, her husband was offered a coaching job at Northern Michigan and due to that, she had to leave her work to move to Michigan and take care of her family.

There’s a lot of work to do. I have a career (as a pharmaceutical representative), where there aren’t a ton of jobs available. Hopefully, I can find a position where I can transfer. Then we have to get a moving company… It’ll be one of the easier moves we’ve made since I won’t have to do everything.

BreAnne talks to MLive about the reason for leaving her job. .
  1. BreAnne shares an estimated $7 million with her husband, Matt, who earns around $5 million annually from his coaching job.


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